President Donald Trump Briefing With The G20 Nations And The United State Governors Over Covid-19

I can predict where you're going next thank you very much thank you beautiful day very good what you're doing look at all those empty seats never seen it like that oh boy well how the world has
changed right but it's gonna end up being better than ever I want to thank you very much for being here and I'd like to update you and the steps were taking on our ongoing fight to defeat the virus.
This morning at 7:55 I spoke to the leaders of the G20 had a great meeting and we have a lot of different ideas a lot of good ideas we're working together the leaders gathered virtually around the world to discuss the whole subject of the problem that right now 151 nations have got.That's a big group but it's a great group it's and they were all there every one of them and we talked about the problem and hopefully won't be a problem for too much longer.

The United States is working with our friends and partners around the world to stop the spread of the virus and coordinate our efforts we discussed how vitally important it is. For all of our nations to immediately share information and data and we've been doing that to a large extent but we'll do it even more. Each of us on the fight that we've got going one way the other it's a little bit different but we're handling it a little bit in different ways but there is great uniformity I think we had it was a terrific meeting tremendous spirit among all of those countries yet 20 countries plus the other people that I mentioned and tremendous spirit to get this over with after the meeting with the world leaders.

I spoke with the governors of our 50 states and territories our team has been in constant communication with the governors and we had a we had a terrific meeting somebody in the fake news said that one of the governor said oh we need Tom Brady yes again he meant that in a positive way he said we need Tom Brady we're gonna do great and he's meant it very positively but they took it differently, they think Tom Brady should be leading the effort that's only fake news and I like Tom Brady spoke to him the other day he's a great guy but I wish the news could be could be real I wish it could be honest I wish it weren't corrupt but so much of it is it's so sad to say just so sad to say we
had a great meeting I tell you.

What I'm sure you have tapes of the meeting I'm sure that you were able to get tapes where you see at 50 governors Plus and maybe you had tapes you'd see it was really I mean there's no contention I would say virtually none I would say maybe one person there was a little tiny bit of a raising of a voice a little wise wise guy a little bit but he's usually a big wise guy not so much anymore we saw to it that he wouldn't be so much anymore but he is. I mean I would rate Mike was there a lot of the folks the back were there and it was a it was a great meeting took place at about 12 o'clock so we went from the G20 to the governor's we also spoke about the economic relief with the governors and the package that we're moving through Congress to deliver.

Much-needed financial assistance to hardworking families and small I want to thank Democrats and Republicans in the Senate for unanimously passing the largest financial relief package in American
history ninety-six to zero and I have to say it's the largest by far and I'm profoundly grateful that both parties came together to provide relief for American workers and families in this hour of need the House of Representatives must now pass this bill hopefully without delay I think it's got tremendous support when you're at 96 to nothing and as you know a couple of those people are quarantined and one Rand Paul as he's actually got it but he'll be better said he's been a great guy he's been a great friend of mine actually the massive 2.2 trillion dollar relief package includes job retention loans for small businesses with loan forgiveness available for businesses that keep their workers on the payroll it's pretty good loan.

Direct cash payments will be available to American citizens earning less than 99 thousand dollars per year $3,400 for the typical family of four expanded unemployment benefits the average worker who has lost his or her job will receive 100% of their salary for up to four full months these are things that by the way we have plenty more to go and but there are things that nobody's ever had any package like this then and I just want to thank them hopefully it'll get approved equally easily in the house really I think it will go through pretty well from what I hear virtually everybody they could be one vote one grand stander maybe you might have one grant stander and for that we'll have to come back and take a little more time but it'll pass it'll\ just take a little longer but let's see whether or not we have a grand stander.

Critical support for the hardest-hit industries with a ban on corporate stock buybacks and tough new safeguards to prevent executive compensation abuse over 100 billion dollars for our amazing
doctors nurses and hospitals 45 billion dollars for the disaster relief fund more than doubling the amount available. This is tremendous stuff twenty seven billion dollars for the coronavirus response including sixteen billion dollars to build up the strategic national stockpile with critical supplies including masks respirators and all sorts of pharmaceuticals three point five billion dollars to expand
assistance to child care providers and child care the benefits to health care.

Workers first responders and others on the front lines of the crisis and these are really brave incredible people have to say and some of them are getting sick and some of them are getting very sick and some of them don't even recover they're incredible people one billion dollars for defense production Act procurement we are as you know using the act but we use it only when necessary.We
use it as leverage we generally don't have to use it to accomplish what we want to accomplish as of today FEMA has shipped over 9 million masks 20 million face masks 3.1 million face shields nearly 6,000 ventilators 2.6 million gowns 14.6 million gloves and we're sending more every day and we've got tremendous amounts of equipment coming in a lot of great companies are making equipment right now.

The ventilators obviously they take a little longer to make but we have a lot of companies making them and we're gonna be in great shape we took over an empty shelf we took over a very depleted place in a lot of ways as you know the testing is going very very well and that was obsolete and broken and we fixed it and it's been going really good and I think very importantly the stockpile we're
really filling it up and we fill it up rapidly but we get it out sometimes we have it sent directly to the states instead and again the state has to be doing this everything also we're sort of a we look we look from behind a little bit and we look at how are they doing and if they need help we do it but it's their first responsibility sometimes they just can't get it but we load it up and we send it out but if we can we have it sent directly to the state we wanted to go directly to the point where we want it.

I can now announce something that I think is incredible what they've done in the Navy because the incredible naval hospital ship the USNS comfort which is incredible actually when you see it inside will be underway to New York City on Saturday so it's going to be leaving on Saturday rather than three weeks from now they did the maintenance quickly and it was going to be there for quite a
while longer another three or four weeks and it should be arriving I told the governors 20 minutes ago Governor Cuomo that the ship will be arriving at New York Harbor on Monday I think I'm going
to go out and I'll kiss it goodbye I'll go to its in Virginia as you know and I will go and will be waving
together because I suspect the media will be following Johnny, gonna be following maybe you know great ship it's a great vessels right so if you want to go I'll see you there and if you don't that's okay after being fully loaded with medical supplies.

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