The First Miss Deaf Beauty Pageant In Nigeria Never Give Up To Achieve Her Dreams

Never stop chasing your dreams as Maria Okese The First Miss Deaf Beauty Pageant In Nigeria celebrates herself and sharing her life experience today

Coming together of vision passions and dreams to bring about the reality of empowerment. I am Maria Okese  the first Miss Deaf beauty pageant in Nigeria . I am the voice of the voiceless a convener of empathy driven women international initiative and on this particular project partnering with the most beautiful deaf girl in Nigeria project. We are bringing to the country for the very first time a beauty pageant that you would call the all inclusive or the first inclusive beauty pageants.

The rate of sexual violence among  girls is high alarming United Nation says it's about one in five women but working in this part i tell you for girls and women living with disabilities is about three in five. what we are doing with Alice would always be another platform of promoting ability. We are all about ability we want you to look beyond what you perceive as disability and actually see the beauty the strength the grace the talent and ever fear the beautiful thing that makes up a  being

Well I would say a big than you to  my family most especially my mom because she has always been supportiv. A big thanks to all the persons that are working in the disabilities face the advocacy is strong and then thanks to  President Muhammed Buhari who signed the disability bill this year on the 23rd of January 2019 after it had spent 18 years between the Senate and the house Representative. As a deaf person naturally, discrimination act will be available but when you have a go you know where you want to go, what you want achieve and nothing will stop you.

There have been a lot of challenges as a result of disability people don't take you serious, that evoke the time wanted to participate in pageantry with regular girls who were not deaf but i was disqualified for being deaf. This is one of the reasons why I strengthened up myself when I heard about the beauty pageant organised for the Most Beautiful Deaf Girl in Nigeria. I felt elated because it is a platform to to prove my skills and beauty to the universe.
As the first Miss Deaf in Nigeria, I have numerous  plans to help other orphans like me to help them achieve their dreams. I intend establishing a  vocational to which they can build up their talents. I pray with the support of God Almighty i would be able to achieve these goals. this will help them to be self reliant and independent. I am Maria Okese.

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